Faqs on e cigarettes

Q: How are e cigarettes a healthier alternative for smoking?

A: E Cigarettes are the best alternatives for healthy smoking and the best part to be noted is that they give a look and feel like a conventional cigarette. It is becoming common in people and many people have quit smoking the traditional cigarettes and adopted the new means of e cigarettes. It works on the principle of the vaporization of nicotine vapors, which makes the smoke to get out quickly in the air and also, it can be inhaled quickly. They are the best substitutes to the conventional cigarettes and there is no prohibition of using them in public places as they do not harm the active or passive smokers. E cigarettes have made many families happy by getting out the foul smell of tobacco smoke and the unhealthy way of intake of smoke by the family people. In fact, it is best suited for the people who cannot quit smoking.


E Cigarette is basically a battery operated device, which has no involvement of fire and can be used anywhere. It involves the battery, which needs charging from time to time and a fully charged battery lasts up to one week time, for an average smoker. It is much cheaper and very safe in comparison to the traditional means of smoking. The charging units are available with starter kits or can be purchased separately. These days, the introduction of e cigarette car chargers has made it very convenient for the people to make use of these cigarettes wherever and whenever they desire. The life of one cartridge is approximately 100 puffs, which is equivalent to 10-15 traditional cigarettes. This rate is wholly dependent on the rate of smoking inhalation of a person. If the filter cartridges get little smoke, you can unscrew the cartridge and makes replacement for it, with the need of attachment of vapor.

Q: Can e cigarettes be used in areas with prohibition of smoking?

A: The product involves no tobacco and even no flames are produced. There is no harm to active or passive smokers and hence, e cigarettes are not prohibited in any area. Nicotine in liquid form is converted into vapors by a heating element and then it is consumed. There is no ill effect on lungs or respiratory system. No harmful smoke is produced and hence, there is no prohibition or ban on e cigarettes.

Q: What is the amount of nicotine present in cartridge?

A: There are different levels present in cartridges and the smokers can choose them according to their tastes. The range of nicotine lies from null to highest. The common nicotine level cartridges are: Null 0-1 mg, Low 6 mg, Med 11 mg and High 16 mg. All concentrations are safe and they do not affect the human body in adverse way.

Q: One cartridge lasts for how much time?

A: It is approximated that one cartridge is equivalent to about 1-2 packs of conventional cigarettes and the lasting of the cartridges is dependent on the usability of a person. Some people take deep puffs and the others may consume less of it. When there is a change in flavor and production of fewer vapors, it is the signal of changing of cartridge.

Q: What is the durability rate of battery?

A: It is estimated that if the battery (longer) is fully charged, it should last for about 5-8 hours in a day. It is better to follow the directions included in the battery, which gives the rate of intake of puffs and the effect on the power of battery. The battery usage also depends on the usability of a person.

Q: Can Electronic Cigarettes Explode?

A: We have found no evidence that shows that used correctly, an electronic cigarette can explode, we used this article on exploding e-cigarettes and found that in the majority of cases these were due to the incorrect charger being used.

Q: What is the constituent of vapors?

A: The vapor consists of the elements of nicotine and water for its dilution. Along with the nicotine content, it also has propylene glycol and artificial flavors. The vapors are odorless. Propylene glycol is used for food flavoring, coloring and mouthwash and is in the safer elements of the Food and Drug Administration.

Q: Does refilling cartridges come in different flavors?

A: There are many flavors for refilling cartridges. The flavors like banana, coffee, Marlboro, vanilla and regular tobacco flavor are in trend. The electric atomizer cartridge is preferred by many people.

Q: Is there any switch for on or off option?

A: There is no need for it. E-cigarette is embedded with sensor and microchip, which makes activation for the primary inhalation and can occur only when the switch is ‘on’.