Impress Your Guests With A Delicious Fruit Platter


Fruits are a big hit after a lunch or dinner, particularly in the event of you having lunch or dinner along with your guests. A fruit platter is a beautiful and delicious serving wherein a large dish is dressed with many different fruits, which are arranged in a particular pattern.

There are certain important points you need to keep in mind to ensure that the fruit platter becomes a perfect fit for the occasion. For instance, you need to remember the soft and simple colors that best highlight the fruits most effectively. You should also ensure that the serving bowl that you choose to serve the fruits is a simple one. In addition, it is recommended that you select firm and ripe fruits that carry a rich, pleasing aroma. At Orchard Fruit we create beautiful fruit platters using the freshest and most delicious fruits.

Fruits, such as kiwi, apricots, plums, grapes, berries, melons and bananas are ideal to be made a part of the fruit platter. At Orchard Fruit the fruits are handpicked to ensure that they taste delicious. Arranging the  fruits picked is not an easy process and Orchard fruit has fruit designers and decorators who have years of experience in creating elaborate and beautiful platters. Each fruit is placed in the right position.

The fruit platters are created using succulent and tasty vine ripened pineapple and this is surrounded by exquisite and juicy strawberries. Our fruit designers and decorators know exactly which fruits need to be picked and the way in which they need to be arranged. Our arrangements can be used for special occasions like parties and weddings and these fruit platters can be placed on tables. The guests can then help themselves to the spectacular and delicious spread. Since this spread of fruits is cut and ready to eat it can also be ideally used in business meetings. The fruit platter is available in different quantities and can serve up to twenty people. At Orchard fruit berries, melons and grapes are some other fruits that are used in the platter. You can easily select a platter that meets your quantity and budget requirements. The fruit platters are also decorated with beautiful edible orchids.

Through Orchard fruit you can easily place an order for the platter online. In case you give this platter as a gift for special occasions like anniversary celebrations or house warming parties you can be sure that the person receiving this special gift will be touched by your thoughtfulness.