My Irritating Menstrual Issues and The Option that is Norethisterone

Last week i went to see what I presumed was a hormone specialist… it turned out to function as the sexual health & contraception practice – which was fine as my main query was about my periods..

My main issue is that my periods extremely drag down me. This really is nothing new, but the last 6 months or so I ‘ve seen a definite pattern within my symptoms, in that I ‘ve a “better” week (or sometimes just a couple of days) only before my period (when I will feel fairly great “at rest” and even manage to go out and about just a little bit without significant payback) and then just before my period I start to feel bad, sense really low in energy and everything is a battle during my period, with all my lousy symptoms of headaches, vertigo, muscle weakness, ache, sensitivity to noise, and so on etc and then it seems to simply take still another couple of weeks to gradually get over the event and it all begins again.

The doctor I saw was just a little confused since many people feel worse the week before, but has provided me Norethisterone, a progestogen only pill to take, beginning on my 5th day of my period and to take constantly (I’m going back in 6 months approximately for a medical checkup). If it appears to trust me, she said we could contemplate the Depo Injection… (Really scared of that as observed it can have bad side effects and when you’ve it it can not be reversed). The notion is that my periods will cease and will not empty me so much, although there might be some spotting and side effects (weight gain, bloating, areas, lightheadedness – only what I need!). They do not know until I try so I ‘m giving it a chance, while perhaps not without some concerns how it’ll impact me. I’m only hoping I do not skip on my few days that are great a month as an outcome!

My hormones may not have much to do with this-but my period appears to be merely yet another burden along with all the the others that I really could do without. Sadly so that I may be making things even worse there does not seem to be a answer but do not know till I try.

Progestogensare like normal progesterone but are synthetic hormones and are not without controversy and I’m not totally comfortable with “polluting” my body and messing about with it when it is obviously already fighting to function, but it is worth try.

Dr Sarah Myhill talks more about contraceptive method, which is not relevant to me as a lesbian. She does say Progestogens can trigger depression. I’ve not been depressed the last couple of months if I suddenly get down so will be dubious. I ‘ve been taking Agnus-Castus for quite a while, which is a herbal cure with keeping spans routine and which undoubtedly helps, and I think make mine last for days too.