Swimming Pool in a Custom Home


A custom luxury home cannot be called one if it does not have swimming pool. A well designed swimming pool in a custom home has a lot of benefits. The swimming pool is definitely a great place to cool yourself down after a tough day at work especially during the summer. Of course, it has a variety of health benefits too. Swimming regularly keeps your body fit. It helps your lung capacity too. Swimming is a source of entertainment as well especially for your kids.

Modern swimming pool designs allow you to be very creative. If your main purpose of having a swimming pool is for fitness purpose, then having a rectangular shaped pool is the way to go. This shape would give you a longer distance to cover.

If you are going to use your pool for relaxation and hanging out with friends and partying, then having extended baja shelf is the way to go. Another great swimming pool design idea is connecting your kitchen with your swimming pool. Particularly, if you have an outdoor kitchen area, making it easily accessible from the pool is a good design option.